AR Chassis

The AR Chassis (ARシャーシ) is a Mini 4WD chassis released by Tamiya in 2012. It was first seen with the release of Aero Avante. The 'AR' is the initials for 'Aero Racing'.

General Info

The AR Chassis has the same long wheel-base as the Super TZ Chassis has.

Unlike most of the chassis, it features the aero-dynamic designs all over the chassis, and batteries and motor can easily swap out by remove the under chassis parts, providing much more simple maintenance compare to the other chassis.

The underbody of the chassis is curved and flat with the rear motor cover and roller stays acts as diffusers, allows smooth air-flows under the car.There's also several air-ducts that are made to dissipates heats from the batteries and motor while running. (However, the air-ducts placed on the top of the chassis is only useful while using bodyshells from Mini 4WD REV series cars.)

The front bumper and rear roller stays has been extended to provide smoother cornering and there's muitiple screw holes to provide better parts attachments. The rear roller stays are not removable by design, and there's the brake skid bar attached under them.

Unlike the previous chassis, the secondary parts (including rollers and bearing) were molded in the low-friction POM plastic and this eliminates the brass bearing parts all together. Due to how the chassis was design, it is stronger than any single-shaft-motor-driven chassis to date.

The battery switch is the curve-slide-type, and due to how it design the car is unlikely to turn itself off while running. It also serves as the prevent mechanism for the battery panel, as it prevents the under panel from detach itself from the chassis while racing.

Performance-wise, it performs better than any rear-motor shaft-driven Mini 4WD chassis to date, however due to its weight and long wheelbase, its cornering and acceleration performances is a little inferior than that of Super-II Chassis.

Chassis info

Length/Width/Wheelbase: 155 mm/97 mm/82 mm
Ground clearance: 2.5 mm (with low-profile small-diameter wheels)/5.0 mm (with large-diameter wheels)
Driveshaft's length: 60 mm
Compatible gear set(s): 5:1/4.2:1/4:1/3.5:1/3.7:1
Terminal type: X-type terminal
Weight (Chassis frame only): 72 g


  • For the first release of the AR Chassis (Aero Avante), the first mold of the chassis had the problem with the rear side of the chassis constantly contacting the inner part of the narrow rear small-diameter wheels, which result in power losses. This was fixed with the second mold which was included starting with Aero ThunderShot.
  • In the official Mini 4WD regulation, the uses of normal and purple pinion gears for the motor in AR Chassis are strictly prohibited, and requires the use of either carbon pinion gear (comes from either the stock AR Chassis car kit or the Grade-Up Parts) or brass pinion gear.[1] This is because normal and purple pinion gears are no longer able to withstands the stress the chassis has put them into and will eventually breaks.
  • It is the second heaviest chassis to date, following the newest MA Chassis.
  • The AR Chassis is compatible with the bodyshells made for Super TZ and Super TZ-X Chassis. As such, most premium version releases of the early minicars with Super-TZ Chassis has been using AR Chassis.
    • In addition to Super TZ Chassis bodyshells, bodyshells intended for the Truckin' and Wild Mini 4WD series can be used with AR Chassis using the Side Body Catch Parts. Incidentally, the Premium releases of the Truckin' cars used AR Chassis and included the catch parts.
    • It should be note that not all bodyshells are completely compatible with AR Chassis. (Tiger Zap is the main example of this due to its bodyshell design) Some bodyshells comes with the front bumper attachments that are not compatible with AR Chassis, such as Thunder Boomerang.


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