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No. 18701
94944 (Red SP)
95024 (Clear Blue SP)
95083 (Clear Orange SP)
95062 (Violet SP)
95268 (Blue Metallic)
95267 (Gold Metallic)
95269 (Black Metallic)
Series Mini 4WD REV
Chassis(s) AR Chassis
Release Date 2012
2013 (Red Special)
2014 (Clear Red SP/Clear Pink SP)
2015 (Clear Blue SP/Clear Orange SP/Violet SP)
2016 (Blue/Gold/Black Metallic)

The Aero Avante (エアロアバンテ) is a Mini 4WD REV car released by Tamiya in 2012. It is the first release in the Mini 4WD Rev series and is one of the variants of Avante Jr..

It was chosen for the Giant Mini 4WD Project to create a life-size, working Aero Avante car.

General info

The Aero Avante features a more futuristic and sharper body design. There's a pair of bargeboards on the front and the Formula-1-inspired rear wing attached to the main bodyshell.

In addition to the canopy side air-ducts that were borrowed from the Super Avante, there's also an air-duct on the front designed in a way so as the AR Chassis will have better heat-dissipation.

It is mainly in blue, with white and carbon-mesh highlights on it.

It comes with the metallic gray, small-diameter 5-spoke Saber-type low-profile wheels with low-profile slick tires. The chassis is molded completely in black. It should be noted that the Aero Avante comes with the Mini 4WD Starter Pack AR Speed Spec which has blue wheels and blue sub-parts instead.

Color and clear specials

So far, there are nine different special color models: Red Special, Clear Blue Special, Clear Orange Special, Violet Special, Clear Red Special, Clear Pink Special, Blue Metallic, Gold Metallic and Black Metallic. While the colors of the bodyshells and chassis parts are different on each model, the bodyshell still carries the same decal pattern of the original model.

The Red Special has the red bodyshell, red chassis sub-parts and bronze-colored wheels.

The Japan Cup 2014 exclusive Clear Red Special and the Tamiya Modeler Gallery 2014 exclusive Clear Pink Special has the clear bodyshells of red and pink respectively. The Clear Pink Special had the white chassis with gray sub-parts and pink tires.

The Clear Blue Special has the clear blue bodyshell, the blue chassis sub-parts, black wheel and blue tires.

The Clear Orange Special has the clear orange bodyshell and the white chassis with orange sub-parts. It is the only variant with large-diameter wheels. (The black MS-type II wheel paired with orange Avante-type slick tires.)

The Clear Violet Special comes with the polycarbonate bodyshell, purple sub-parts and tires.

All the three metallic specials featuring the silver-plated bodyshells in different colors and shares the same chassis and sub-parts color as the regular model. The Blue Metallic has the silver-plated wheels, the Gold Metallic has the gun metal-plated wheels and the Black Metallic has the red-plated wheels. Fujitsu logos were added to the sticker decals, celebrating the 1/1 replica.

Technical info

Length: 155 mm

Width: 97 mm

Height: n/a

Chassis: AR Chassis

Gear Set(s): 3.5:1


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  • The Aero Avante was released as part of the 30th anniversary of Tamiya Mini 4WD.
  • It is the second car to have the real 1/1 car after Gun-Bluster XTO.
  • It is one of the two Avante Mini 4WD cars (The other being the Avante Jr.) that introduced the new chassis.
  • It replaced the Avante Jr. as the cover car for the 2012 season of Tamiya Japan Cup.

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