The 1/1 Scale Aero Avante (Japanese: 1/1 ミニ四駆 エアロアバンテ, 1/1 Mini Yonku Earo Abante) is a concept car made by Tamiya. It is a up-scaled and real car version of the Mini 4WD car of the same name.

Created from the Giant Mini 4WD Project, it was unveiled by Tamiya in Mega Web (a Toyota showroom located in Aomi, Koto of Tokyo in Japan) during the 2015 Japan Cup.

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The life-size car have most, if not all, unique designs and features of the the Mini 4WD car, from the body design, wheels, the front and rear bumper to the rollers. The body and the bumpers were made in FRP and Carbon-Fiber materials, while the rollers were made in aluminum. The bumpers can be detached from the car, which is useful for transporting the car in a trailer as the bumpers are too wide.

Its steel space-frame chassis is hand-maded, and is supported by the 4-wheel independent, coilover suspensions. It was powered by the modified Volkswagen Typ 126 1.6L air-cooled 4-stroke flat-4 overhead valve engine that was mated to the 4-speed manual gearbox, which transfers the power to the rear wheels. The placement of the engine and gearbox are mostly the same as the Mini 4WD car, albeit the engine and the gearbox were being mounted longitudinally which is a common engine placement orientation for most rear-mid engine cars.

Unlike the life-size Gun Bluster XTO, it was designed to only have a single Fomula-1-styled seat for the driver.

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Length / Width / Height: 4.65 m / 2.80 m / 1.44 m

Weight: n/a

Engine / Transmission / Drivetrain: Modified Volkswagen Typ 126 1600cc 4-Stroke Flat-4 Overhead Valve / 4-Speed Manual / Rear-Wheel-Drive

Suspension / Wheel / Tire: Coilover Suspensions (4-wheel Independent) / KMC XD801 CRANK 22" chrome / 295/30ZR22

Top Speed: 180 km/h

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