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The Aero Mini 4WD (Japanese: エアロミニ四駆, Earo Mini Yonku) series is a line-up of Mini 4WD cars introduced by Tamiya in December 1997. It was, unfortunately, introduced during the declines of 2nd Mini 4WD boom.

The Aero Mini 4WD series featuring the low-drag, open-wheel body design. In additions, all cars were equipped with the X type small-diameter wheels which are smaller than other small diameter wheels of the other series, allowing the cars to have even lower center-of-gravity. Featuring in the line-up is the Super X Chassis, VS Chassis and the Super XX Chassis.

The manga and anime series Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go! MAX featuring the cars from this line-up. All Mini 4WD cars featured in this line-up were designed by Tetsuhiro Koshita, the manga author of the Let's & Go! series.

List of Mini 4WD cars

  • Max Breaker Z-2 (Normal, TRF, Black Special, CX09, XX-13) (Super X Chassis, Super XX Chassis) (Released in December 1997)
  • Shadow Breaker Z-3 (Normal, Super XX Special) (Super X Chassis, Super XX Chassis) (Released in January 1998)
  • Phantom-Blade (Normal, Black Special) (Super X Chassis, Super XX Chassis) (Released in May 1998)
  • Knuckle Breaker Z-1 (Normal, Black Special, Blue Special) (Super X Chassis, Super XX Chassis) (Released in September 1998)
  • Storm-Cruiser (Super X Chassis) (Released in October 1998)
  • Rising-Trigger (Normal, White Special) (Super X Chassis, Super XX Chassis) (Released in November 1998)
  • Blazing-Max (Normal, Prism Blue Special) (VS Chassis) (Released in February 1999)
  • Vanishing-Gazer (Super TZ-X Chassis) (Released in April 1999)
  • Desert-Golem (Normal, GPA) (VS Chassis) (Released in May 1999)
  • Lightning-Magnum (Normal, LM Breaker) (VS Chassis) (Released in September 1999)
  • Blitzer-Sonic (Normal, Black Special) (VS Chassis) (Released in January 2000)


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