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The aluminum ball-race rollers (Japanese: アルミベアリングローラー, Arumi Bearingu Rōrā) are a series of Grade-Up Parts released by Tamiya since 1994.

General info

As they names implies, they are the aluminum rollers with the 520-size ball bearing built-in. This allows the rollers to rotate smoothly. Each set comes with 2 rollers, 2 pair of aluminum bushings and a pair of screws. The rollers, when installed, were usually held in place by a pair of bushings that sandwiching them.

They were available in various diameters, ranging from 13mm to 19mm, and were available in various colors, including regular aluminum silver, anodized blue, red and gun metal. It should be noted that there is a period where both the 19mm 5-spoke rubber ring rollers and the 19mm aero-spoke rubber ring rollers were sold in multiple colors while having the same item numbers.

Types of ring available for the aluminum ball-race rollers includes rubber ring type, plastic ring type and the ringless type. Rubber ring type usually has the higher friction against fence, while the plastic ring type has the lower friction.

Types of spoke types available for the rollers includes 5-spoke type, aero-spoke type, 3-spoke type, lightweight type, 6-spoke type and dish type. Weight of the rollers varies depends on the spoke type.


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