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This article is about the wheel set(s) designed for the Mini 4WD cars. For the one designed for the Mini-F car, see Mini-F Aluminum Wheel Set.

The aluminum wheel sets (Japanese: アルミホイールセット, Arumi Hoīru Setto) is a series of Grade-up Parts released by Tamiya since 1994.

All aluminum wheel sets were released as limited edition items due to the high cost of aluminum.

General info

As its name implies, the wheel sets were mostly made of aluminum with the center, replaceable plastic wheel bushings attached. The bushings were used as the way to attach the wheels to the driveshafts

The aluminum wheels are heavy compare to the plastic-made wheels, which makes the car less likely to bounds and thus less likely to fly off the race course on slope sections. Its heaviness, however, is also a double-edge sword, as they can put extra stress to the Mini 4WD car's internal components. (which includes the gears, motor and batteries)

Earlier wheel sets, particularly the non-HG series wheel sets, includes the specially-designed sponge tires.

Earlier sets has the bushings that at the same amount as the wheels, thus forces the user to purchase another wheel set if the bushings wears out. Later releases has twice the amount of bushings to lessen this problem. As of 2016, the wheel bushings sets was made available as standalone items.

Only the HG Heavy Aluminum Large Diameter Narrow Wheels, the HG Heavy Aluminum Wheels for for Low-profile Tires and the HG Aluminum Deep Rim Wheels for Low-Profile Tires were released as Mini 4WD Station-exclusive items. Most aluminum wheels are compatible with most chassis, with the exceptions of Super X, Super XX and TR-1 Chassis, which requires specific aluminum wheels sets. The HG Aluminum Wheel Sets for Super X and XX are reversible, meaning they can be placed in either direction and change the weight distribution accordingly.


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