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The Atomic-Tuned Motor (Japanese: アトミックチューンモーター, Atomikku Chūn Mōtā) is a series of Mini 4WD motors manufactures by Mabuchi Motor and later SMC Motor and released by Tamiya.

General info

The Atomic-Tuned Motor is a balance-type motor with the perfomance characteristic that is similar to the Hyper Mini Motor. It sits between the speed-focused Rev-Tuned Motor and the acceleration-focused Torque-Tuned Motor.

While both the power and torque of the motor are a little bit inferior than the aforementioned tuned motors, it is suitable for race tracks that requires both power and torque performance if the use of Hyper-Dash Motor is impossible due to course layout.

Only the original Atomic-Tuned Motor has the deep gray endbell cap, while the others has black endbell caps. All models has the silver metal housings. Only the original Atomic-Tuned Motor PRO came with the brass pinion gears attached.

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