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The Bumper (Japanese: バンバー, Banbā) is the frontal part of the Mini 4WD car's chassis.

How the bumper works

In the stock car setup, the bumper is strong enough to withstands the impacts as the car collides with the circuit's fences. it also acts as the frontal protection for the car.

Newer chassis like Super XX Chassis, Super-II Chassis, AR Chassis, MA Chassis and FM-A Chassis has their bumper extended.

Breakage and reinforcing the bumper

As the car was tunes faster, the bumper might not able to withstands the impacts and will eventually breaks apart. This is where the reinforced plates and shock absorb parts comes to play; those parts are to strengthen the bumper, extend it and in some parts, absorbs the impacts. Extending the bumper will also lessen the impacts it receives, which in turns increases the car's acceleration and stability.

Since it was the frontal part of the chassis, the bumper is usually the chassis part that is being puts on more stresses than the rear stay.

Advance-user setups

Some racers prefers the bumperless setup, where the sides of the bumper were cut off all together and replaces them with reinforced plates. This setup allows to shaves off the weights of the chassis, but it can be only done on cars with Super X Chassis and newer.

The VZ Chassis is currently the only chassis, outside of the modular MS Chassis, to have user-removable front bumper by default.