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The bumperless setup (Japanese: バンパーレス, Banpaaresu) is a type of advanced customization that can be made to the Mini 4WD cars.

What is bumperless setup?

The bumperless setup referring to a car setup where bumper and rear stay of the car are being substituted by the reinforced plates.

Bumperless machines generally lighter than the normal ones, as the bumper and rear stay were removed and the reinforced plates are lighter despite being stronger than regular plastics. Another benefit is it allows the possibility of more advanced bumper and rear stay setups, as the chassis's default bumper and rear stay has been removed and no longer being factor into. An example of advanced bumper and rear stay setups being the Autotrack Bumper.

How to do the bumperless setup

The process usually involves destructive and irreversible modification where the bumper and/or rear stay had to be removed partially or completely, with the attachment holes intact. This part of the process requires the use of cutters and saw tools.

After that, attach the suitable reinforced plates onto where the bumper and/or rear stay were used to be, and attach the rollers, mass dampers and other GUPs onto the attached plates.

It should be noted that this modification can only done on cars with Super X Chassis and newer.

How to do it without using destructive methods?

For a long time, the front bumper and/or rear stay are fixed to the chassis frame itself, thus necessitating the destructive, irreversible modification to the chassis if one want to do the bumperless setup. MS Chassis had somehow avoided this due to its modular nature and the release of the N-03 and T-03 units (which doesn't has bumper and rear stay), but Shaft-driven chassis remains needing the destructive modification for bumperless setup.

However, 2020 saw the release of the VZ Chassis, which is the first shaft-driven chassis to feature a user-removable front bumper. This, along with its user-removable rear stay, makes it an ideal platform to make a bumperless car without resorting to destructive modifications. With the right GUPs, it is now possible to modify a VZ Chassis car into a bumperless setup with ease.