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The degreasing is an advanced technique to improve performance of a Mini 4WD car.

How it works

The ball bearings from some of the Grade-Up Parts are usually used to reduce power loss on the drive train and smoothing out the car during cornering. However, in their out-of-box state, the ball bearings still have some resistance caused by the imperfection of the bearings' internals and the grease inside of them.

This is where the degreasing comes in; By removing the grease inside, the bearings can spins even more freely than when in the out-of-box state. Usually, this is done by submerging the bearings (with their seals removed) in a small bottle full of lighter oil and shake the small bottle.

One major drawback for degreasing is the reduced durability of the bearings due to lack of lubricant inside of them. Because of this, it is advised to periodically put a tiny amount of lubricant into the bearings, preferably right after the bearings were degreased.