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The friction reduction is a type of modification that can be made to the Mini 4WD cars.

How it works

Inside the drive train of a Mini 4WD car, there are several gearing and shafts that driven it. However, those gears are not completely fixed in one position, and will moves slightly even with a small amount of force and results in those gears touching the drive train compartments and causing power loss.

The friction reduction modification is used to prevent this from happening. This is done by either sandwich the gears by using washers (preferably small washers), bushings, spacers and ball bearings to fix them in one positions or shaving part of the gears (usually crown gears) or both.

For the crown gears and the MS counter gears, it is advised that those gears should not be too tight while making this modification, as it may cause power loss and more wears to the gears.