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The reinforced chassis (Japanese: 強化シャーシ, Kyōka Shāshi) refers to the series of chassis that were made in the much stronger materials.

How the reinforced chassis works

In Mini 4WD racing, a Mini 4WD car's chassis has rotating components (Gears, drive shafts etc.) that are part of the drivetrain that is driven a Mini 4WD car.

However, on circuits with a lots of up-down parts, the chassis will flexes too much, creating frictions within the car's drivetrain and thus causes power losses. This is more apparent with the chassis with weaker chassis structure, such as VS Chassis and Super-II Chassis.

The reinforced chassis are made in the materials that are stronger than the chassis's default material(s), which in turns more rigidity than the normal chassis and will less likely flexes. Because of their rigidity, the reinforced chassis are suitable for chassis's weight reduction by removing part of the chassis while remains rigid.

The materials

The reinforced chassis are usually made in 3 different materials: carbon-mixed polyamide nylon, glass fiber-mixed ABS and polycarbonate-mixed ABS.

The glass fiber-mixed ABS chassis, as its name implies, was made with ABS plastic mixed with glass fibers. Although the toughness of the chassis is improved, many racers finds out that its yield strength is weak, leading to the front bumper of the car being breaks. Overtime, the glass fiber inside the chassis on the chassis part that holds the moving shafts would be exposed and would causes noticeable power losses.

The polycarbonate-mixed ABS chassis are usually have higher overall chassis strength than the glass fiber-mixed ABS chassis and doesn't suffers the problems as the latter. The friction of this material is lower, meaning it also had minimized the power losses of the car.

The carbon-mixed polyamide Nylon chassis has the highest overall strength. Due to the nylon and carbon being low friction materials, the chassis has low power losses than that of polycarbonate-mixed ABS chassis.

Where to get the reinforced chassis

They were usually sold as limited Grade-up Parts and are available in various colors.

However, some regular release Mini 4WD car kits, such as the Magnum Saber Premium, Sonic Saber Premium, Tridagger X Premium, Spin Cobra Premium, Victory Magnum Premium and Vanguard Sonic Premium, came with the reinforced chassis by default. It is also included in some limited edition Mini 4WD kits.