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Go Boomerang! The grand prize of this Mini 4WD tournament will be mine!
— Yonkuro Hinomaru in the first chapter of the manga.

The Boomerang Junior (ブーメランJr.) is a Racing Mini 4WD car released by Tamiya in 1986. It is the Mini 4WD version of the Boomerang R/C buggy by the same company.

The alternative '496' colored version of the Boomerang Junior as well as the Jet Boomerang were featured in the manga and anime Dash! Yonkuro as Yonkuro Hinomaru's first Mini 4WD car.

General info

The Boomerang featuring the flat body design, with the driver figurine placed inside the partially-exposed cockpit. The front mono-shock prop as well as the rear CVA damper props were represented on the bodyshell.

It is mainly in white with blue, red and silver trims on it.

The original Boomerang Junior comes with the middle-diameter 4-spoke Hotshot-type wheels paired with high-profile spike tires, while the RS variants were comes with the chromed large-diameter 5-spoke TZ-type wheels paired with Avante-type slick tires. The RS variants were equipped with the 19 mm plastic ringless rollers on the front.

About The Boomerang 1/10 R/C buggy

Released in 1986, The Boomerang is the entry-level hobby-grade R/C buggy, with its chassis being based on the Hotshot and Supershot.

Its ABS monocoque chassis has been drastically improved in several key points: the newly designed 3-point tie-rod steering system, the reduced weight and the ease of maintainence. It is supported by the front upper I and lower H arms suspension system with mono-shock damper and rear dual-H-arms suspension systems with CVA dampers. It retains the same wheels and tires from the Hotshot.

Despite this, it has its own problems, old and new. Since the drivetrain is largely unchanged from the Hotshot, its power loss is still enough to hinders its performance even after replacing the plastic bearings with ball bearings. Its handling is poor compare to the other R/C buggies from other companies as it doesn't have differentials, making cornering very difficult. The bodyshell didn't seal the chassis's internal properly, as such it can't prevents dusts and tiny rocks from getting into the internal, causing interferences to its mechanical speed controller (and the electric speed controller's cooling fan) as well as steering system.

It has been re-released in 2008, with several improvements such as the additional clear cover that prevents dust and tiny rocks from getting into the chassis. The re-release is also compatible with certain hop-up parts made for DF-02 and DF-03 chassis.

In the manga and anime

In Dash! Yonkuro, Kaidanji Sumeragi, a former F1 car designer and a friend to Genkuro Hinomaru, made a special Boomerang Jr. car that has the Carbon-Nylon chassis and Polytetrafluoroethylene gears. He gave it to Genkuro who later give it to his son Yonkuro while he is about to enter the hell rally, telling the young Yonkuro that Mini 4WD cars were not toys.

Right before the race against the thugs who are causing trouble at the sand-made race track, Yonkuro modified it into Jet Boomerang. Unfortunately, the bombs were buried into the race track before the race, and Yonkuro's Boomerang was damaged as the thugs detonate the bombs. Luckily, the chassis is unharmed, which allows him to carry over it to his new car, the Dash-1 Emperor.

Technical info

Length: 127 mm (Normal), 145 mm (RS/RS Black Special)

Width: 81 mm (Normal), 92 mm (RS/RS Black Special)

Height: 52 mm (Normal), 53 mm (RS/RS Black Special)

Chassis: Type-1 Chassis (Normal), VS Chassis (RS/RS Black Special)

Gear Set(s): 11.2:1 and 6.4:1 (Normal), 4.2:1 (RS/RS Black Special)



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