The Buck Blader (Japanese: バックブレーダー, Bakku Burēdā) is a Mechanical Mini 4WD car released by Tamiya in April 1997.

It was featured in the manga and anime Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go! WGP as the NA Astro Rangers' machines.

General info[edit | edit source]

The Buck Blader features the futuristic, fully-cowled body design, with a row-type headlamps on the front and a rear spoiler on the rear. On the top of the canopy, there's a large hole that was used to install either the fan-like parts or the cover parts. Unlike other Mechanical Mini 4WD cars, the chassis doesn't have the steering system to begin with. There's the wheel covers that covering the outsides of the wheels.

As the bodyshell of the Buck Blader was molded in clear plastic, it can be painted in any color. The preferred color is gun metal gray. It has the tricolor stripes on the bodyshell consist of blue, white and red. There's 9 red star marks and the NA Astro Rangers team logo on the rear fenders and a car number decal on the front.

When given modification (including removing the wheel covers), the bodyshell can be attached to any shaft-driven chassis, preferably Super TZ, Super TZ-X, Super-FM and AR Chassis.

In the manga, anime and video game[edit | edit source]

The Buck Bladers are the NA Astro Rangers' machines. It has the active suspension system in which all four fenders and wheels are movable and independent, and each wheel has a motor of its own. Using the satellite communication system that allows the car to connects to the satellite, the Buck Blader can adjusts the suspension's characteristic depends on the road condition. On the rear, there's a pair of thursters that allows it to have speed and acceleration boost when activated, at the expense of having the car's battery almost completely depleted. Said boosters can be used only on straight roads.

In the manga, the Buck Blader will not runs out of power as it also recharges the battery while running. Also in the manga, the booster will automatically activated to depletes the excessive amount of electric power.

Each NA Astro Rangers members' Buck Bladers has different specifications; Edge Blaze's own is all-round-type, Josephine 'Jo' Goodwin's own is speed-focused, Michael Miller's own is corner-focused, while Hammer David Grant's own is torque-focused. It is unknown what specification Brett Astaire's Buck Blader has.

In Power WGP2, the charging system that recharges the car's battery via the satellite was added into the Buck Bladers. However, it cannot be used if the weather condition isn't right.

Technical info[edit | edit source]

Variant Body Chassis Wheels Tires Motor Dimensions Gear

(19303, 95532)

Color: Clear
Material: PS

Type: Display model
Frame: Silver Plated, PS
A parts: Gun Metal, PS

Size: Small
Type: Mechanical (Buck Blader)
Spoke: N/A
Fitment: Staggered
Color: Silver Plated
Material: PS

Size: Small
Type: Mechanical Treaded
Color: Black
Material: Med. Elastomer


Length: 132
Width: 89
Height: 40


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