This is the list of Mini 4WD cars that was based on the winning designs in the 2018 Mini 4WD Design Contest held by Tamiya. The following Mini 4WD designs and the awards they got are:

  • Top award
  • Merit award
    • Copperfang (Formerly Copperhead) (Designer: Shojiro Morio)
    • Mach Frame (Designer: Hideyuki Tsuruta)
  • Tamiya award
  • Hyper Dash! Yonkuro award:
    • Naked Arrow (Designer: U-TA)
  • Let's & Go! Return Racers! award:
    • Fringe Tail (Designer: HIROFUMIX)
  • Let's & Go! Tsubasa award:
  • Junior award:
    • Cherybomb (Designer: Kouta Yamamura)
    • Historic Bird (Designer: Kaito Ohnishi)
    • The Rainbow-colored Strongest Mini 4WD (Designer: Shinichi Otsuka)
    • Lightning Rod (Designer: Ayaka Yoneyama)
  • Family award:
    • Doremifa Racer (Designers: Miyuu Yamaoka and Shouei Yamaoka)

It should be noted that currently only designs that got the top award, best awards and Tamiya awards got turns into the actual Mini 4WD kits, while those that got the manga awards (Infinity Mobius for example) will appears in the media works related to Mini 4WD racing before it can happen.

For more information, see the special page on Tamiya Japan site here: Results of 2018 Mini 4WD Design Contest revealed (Japanese)

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