The Comical Chassis (Japanese: コミカルシャーシ, Komikaru Shāshi) is a Mini 4WD Chassis released by Tamiya on February 25, 1984. It was first equipped with the Honda City Turbo.

General info Edit

Compare to the Origin Chassis, the Comical chassis has the shorter wheelbase measured at approximately 67mm. The drivetrain is almost the same, except the front worm gear was placed behind the spur gear due to the chassis layout. There's also a removable front bumper.

Since all Comical Chassis cars has the super-deformed body design, they were all equipped with the oversized, large diameter wheels.

Technical info Edit

Chassis Data
Length 112 mm (approx.)
Width 71.5 mm
Wheelbase 67 mm (approx.)
Ground Clearance N/A
Driveshaft Length 52 mm (approx.)
Compatible Gear Set(s) 40:1 (Main spur gear plus two worm gears)
Roller Down Thrust Angle N/A
Terminal Type Comical-type
Weight N/A

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