Dash-4 Cannonball



No. 18022
94821 (Gold-plated)
95225 (Premium)
Series Racing Mini 4WD
Chassis(s) Type-3 Chassis
Super-II Chassis (Premium)
Release Date January 30, 1990
April 30, 2011 (Gold-plated)
November 14, 2015 (Premium)
In fictional media
First Appearance Dash! Yonkuro
Owner Koji 'Punkuro' Jimi

Dash-4 Cannonball (ダッシュ4号・弾丸キャノンボール) is a Mini 4WD car released by Tamiya on January 30, 1990. The Premium version with Super-II Chassis was also released as limited edition model.

It was featured in Dash! Yonkuro as Koji 'Punkuro' Jimi's primary machine. It was also features in the on-going manga, Hyper Dash! Yonkuro.

General info

The Cannonball featured a leaf-green bodyshell that has the long-nose body style similar to western sports cars. There is also a pair of headlights on the front while on the rear is a spoiler with four tail pipes underneath it.

As usual for a Dash machine car, it has the CoroCoro Dragon stickers.

The original model was equipped with middle-diameter 4-spoke Hotshot-type wheels paired with high-profile slick tires (Which is originally a Grade-Up Part), making it the first car to have such accessory by default.

The Premium version has the large-diameter 5-spoke TZ-type wheels paired with Avante-type slick tires. Both the Chassis and the wheels were modeled in gun metal color. It comes with the easy locking gear cover molded in gun metal gray.

In the manga and anime

In Dash! Yonkuro, it replaces the Falcon Jr. as Punkuro's primary machine throughout the original series. The Cannonball has higher acceleration performance compared to the others. Like the rest of the Dash machines, it is equipped with the special chassis.

The car also has a special device known as the Condenser Circuit (コンデンサー回路) which, when in use, sends large amounts of electricity to the motor, causing an immediate, massive increase in acceleration performance. However, it was also a major weakness: since the Condenser Circuit sends massive amounts of electricity to the motor, the motor will break or explode after use, completely breaking the car in the process. Punkuro would only use it when he is prepared for such an event.

Punkuro later gave the Condenser Circuit to Tankuro for his Neo Burning Sun during the final race of the National Mini 4WD Championship.

Due to Hyper Dash! Yonkuro ignores the events of Shin Dash! Yonkuro, it has two successors: The Dash-04 Cannonball Weil and the Cannon Dead Ball.

Technical info

Length: 127 mm (normal), 151 mm (Premium)

Width: 86 mm (normal), 97 mm (Premium)

Height: 53 mm (normal)

Chassis: Type-3 Chassis, Super-II Chassis

Gear Set(s): 5:1 and 6.4:1 (Type-3 Chassis variant only), 4.2:1 (Premium)



Manga and anime



Dash-4 (Serialize version)

The Dash-4 in the serialization of the manga.

  • The Dash-4 Cannonball's design is based on the 3rd-generation Chevrolet Corvette sports car.
    • As shown in Dear Zaurus Tokuda, Tokuda liked sports cars and owns models of them which inspired the Dash-4 Cannonball.
  • During the serialization of Dash! Yonkuro on CoroCoro Comic magazine, the Cannonball, along with Dash-5 Dancing Doll, weren't offcially named and their design wasn't finalized when they debuted. Those were corrected in the tankoubon version of the manga.

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