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Dash-X5 Shadow Emperor
No. Unknown
Series Unknown
Chassis(s) Custom-made chassis
Release Date Unknown
In fictional media
First Appearance Dash! Yonkuro
Owner Jigokumaru Enma
The Horizon lineage in my Shadow Emperor is unnecessary for me!
— Jigokumaru Enma

The Dash-X5 Shadow Emperor (Japanese: ダッシュX5 影皇帝シャドーエンペラー, Dasshu Ekkusu Faibu Shadō Enperā) is a fictional Mini 4WD car appear in the manga and anime Dash! Yonkuro.

Being one of the Proto Dash machines, it was belongs to Jigokumaru Enma, a current member of the Mie Prefecture's Ninja Warriors racing team.

General info Edit

The Shadow Emperor shares the similar body design with other Proto Dash machines, except with some key differences.

A pair of cycle wings protruded from the side fenders, covering the rear of the front wheels.There's a pair of 3-roll exhaust pipes prop protruded from the sides of the rear.

In the manga Edit

In the series, it is implies that Jigokumaru was given the Shadow Emperor by Kaidanji Sumeragi during the time he was the team member of a team that Sumeragi founded. A while after the team was disbanded, Jigokumaru moved to Mie Prefecture to being trained as a ninja, under the guidance of a unnamed ninja master and become a member of Ninja Warriors racing team.

His team face off against the Dash Warriors in the second round of the National tournament. In the heated battle against Yonkuro's Super Emperor, Jigokumaru and his team ultimately lose as Yonkuro's Super Emperor reached the finish line first by a margin of the front bumper.

The Shadow Emperor has better stability.

Although Jigokumaru outright stating that he has abandoned the Horizon lineage his car has in the series, it is unknown what modification he made to the Shadow Emperor.

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