Disc Wheel Hub Set
No. 15003 (White)
15004 (Silver)
15005 (Gold)
Release Date 1987
Parts type Wheels
Type Solid (Mid Diameter)
Spoke(s) 4
Width(s) Narrow front and wide rear
Material(s) Polypropylene
The Disc Wheel Hub Set (Japanese: エアロホイールセット, Earo Hoīru Setto) is a Mini 4WD Grade-up Parts released by Tamiya in 1987.

General info Edit

The Disc Wheel Hub Set features the mid diameter turbine disc-style wheels, with two narrow wheels for the front and two wide wheels for the rear. The rims are supported by 4 spokes.

Compare to the standard 4-spoke Hotshot-type wheels on the standard Type-1 Chassis cars, the change are purely aesthetic with little to no performance benefit. As such, tires made for the mid diameter wheels are compatible with the wheels.

The wheel set is availble in white, silver plated and gold plated. The white version of the set was later included in the Mini 4WD Classic Tune-Up Parts Set Vol.2.

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