Electric Handy Drill
No. 74041
Release Date May 27, 1999
Tool Type Drill/Router
Gearing Multi-gearing (High-torque)
Chuck 1 to 3 mm (one for 1 to 2 mm, one for 2 to 3 mm)
Drill/Router Bit
Type Drill
Head Diameter(s) 2 mm
Mount Diameter(s) 2 mm
The Electric Handy Drill (Japanese: 電動ハンディドリル, Dendō handi Doriru) is a craft tool released by Tamiya on May 27,1999.

General info Edit

The Electric Handy Drill is a electric-powered, compact hand drill, allowing user to drills holes with ease. It can be use to either drilling a hole to attach a screw or opening up holes on the bodyshell of a Mini 4WD car. It was powered by two AA batteries.

Inside the drill, there's multiple, high-torque gears since higher torque is required for a electric drill. On the right side of the drill, there's two locking mechanisms; One for when attaching the drill bit and one for locking the trigger when the drill is not in use.

The drill comes with two chuck; One for 1 to 2 mm drill bits and one for 2 to 3 mm drill bits. It is compatible with the drill bits for Tamiya's pin vises.

By default, it was equipped with the Mabuchi-sourced 130-size motor, two 1150-size plastic bearings and the copper X-type terminal, but those can be replaced with the Torque-Tuned Motor (or any other Mini 4WD motors), ball bearings and the gold plated terminal set. Prior to 2007, it was formerly equipped with Jet-Dash Motor.

Unlike the more expensive, lithium-ion-powered hand drills, the Electric Handy Drill is only available as an assemble kit, thus requires user to assemble the drill before using it for the first time. The kit also comes with one 2 mm drill bit.

Due to being powered by a 130-size motor and a pair of AA batteries, as well as using a drill bit made out of steel, it can be only used on woods and plastic.

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