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The Endurance Race is a type of race category in the Mini 4WD racing. It emulates the Endurance Race for the real-life racing.

How the race category works

Unlike most race categories, most of the endurance race requires two or more people for a team. Depends on the race events, a team can have only one Mini 4WD car or have two or more Mini 4WD cars. In case of having two Mini 4WD cars, only one Mini 4WD car can be used on the track at a time. Usually, the Mini 4WD car used in the endurance race has to be the stock ones.

During the endurance race, a race team can catch their car in the designated pit stop zone after they make a request to the referee for permission to do the pit-in. They then can either replace the drained batteries or replace the car itself, then resume from the start line after that.

However, a race team can catch their car without asking referee for pit-in if:

  • Their car has been coursed out.
  • Their car has stopped running.
  • Their car has jumped onto other lane(s).
  • Other team's car is getting too close to their car.

The duration of the race is determined by either laps or time; A time-based endurance race typicially last about 8 hours, while a lap-based endurance race is typically last up to 80 laps. In time-based endurance race, the positions of the teams were determined by the amount of laps they did throughout the race.

Usually, team members must use the supplied batteries (usually the manganese batteries or alkaline batteries) gave by the event organizer.