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The fin-type low-profile wheels (Japanese: フィンタイプ ロープロホイール, Fin Taipu Rōpuro Hoīru) are the series of Mini 4WD Grade-up Parts released by Tamiya since August 7, 2002. It was first released during the R/C Mini 4WD era.

General info[]

The low-profile wheels has the fin-type sub-spoke, parallel width wheel design. Each sets comes with the low-profile tires.

The 1st version of the wheels has 3 main spokes that supports the wheels. Said design is somewhat fragile and is easily breaks. Later versions of the wheels instead has 6 main spokes to improves the wheels' rigidity.

Depends on the sets, it either comes with the polypropylene wheels and medium elastomer tires or carbon-mixed nylon wheels and hard-compound elastomer tires, The carbon-mixed nylon wheels alone can be obtained from the carbon reinforced wheel set.

It is compatible with most Mini 4WD Chassis. Compatibility with the bodyshells varies.

Some Mini 4WD cars, such as Blast Arrow and Silwolf, comes with the wheel sets by default.

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