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The Front Plate for Fully Cowled Mini 4WD (Japanese: フロントワイドステー (フルカウルミニ四駆タイプ), Furonto Waido Sutē (Furukauru Mini Yonku Taipu)) is a series of Grade-up Parts released by Tamiya since 2013.

They were the series of reinforcing plates, consists of both FRP and CFRP materials.

General info

As their names suggest, the front plates were in the curve-shape design in order to attach to the MIni 4WD car's front bumper with certain bodyshells, specifically the ones from the Fully Cowled Mini 4WD car line-up.

The attachment holes for rollers on each ends were designed for 9 mm, 13 mm and 19 mm rollers. The four attachment holes on the front are usually for mass dampers.

All sets includes three 10 mm screws, five truss screws, three washers, three spring washers, two roller stoppers and three lock nuts. Oddly, the FRP Front Plate also includes two tiny-height aluminum spacers, which the CFRP ones lacks.

All three sets are compatible with most chassis.

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