Front Sliding Damper Roller



No. 15139
15377 (Wide Roller Stay Set)
94935 (Carbon Wide Stay Mini 4WD GP 2013)
Release Date 1995
September 2008 (Wide Roller Stay Set)
January 2013 (Carbon Wide Stay Mini 4WD GP 2013)
Parts type Front Bumper/Rear Roller Stay
Bumper/Rear Stay
Type Sliding Type
Material(s) Nylon
Glass Fiber mixed ABS (Wide Roller Stay Set)
Carbon-mixed nylon (Carbon Wide Stay Mini 4WD GP 2013)

The Front Sliding Damper Roller (Japanese: フロントスライドダンパーローラー, Furonto Suraido Danpā Rōrā) is a Mini 4WD front bumper parts released by Tamiya in 1995. Tamiya would later release the Sliding Wide Roller Stay Set (Japanese: スライド・ワイドローラーステーセット, Suraido Waido Rōrā Sutē Setto) in September 2008 that are wider than the original.

The Front Sliding Damper Roller, as well as Sliding Wide Roller Stay Set, are compatible with all chassis except the Type-1 Chassis, AR Chassis and MA Chassis and can be attaches to the front or the rear.

General Info[edit | edit source]

Similar to Sliding Damper Roller set, the main purposal of the this parts is to provide smooth cornering in circults with many S-style corners, as well as absorbing shocks while hitting the fences of the circuit.

It has a very well-known problem that it will causes speed loss on cornering while being installed only onto the front bumper with the soft spring setting. As such, it has to be accompanies with either the Sliding Damper Roller set, the Rear Sliding Damper and Brake Set, or install another similar set on the rear (if the minicar has the non-removable rear stay) to counters this. The sliding damper installed onto the front bumper can causes the recoil effect on the wave sections and the lane-change sections of the circuit with the hard spring setting.

The Sliding Wide Roller Stay Set is wider than the original set and is molded in glass-fiber ABS plastic, provides high strength, though it comes at a cost: the glass-fibers can be exposed overtime due to extensive wears, thus reduces the funcion of the Wide Roller Stay.

Only the original sets comes with two springs; With the soft spring, the sliding damper's plate will slides upon collides with the fences. With the hard spring however, it won't slides unless the car is push onto the fences very hard and will immediately recoils back to its originally state as soon as the car exited the corner curve, causing the aforementioned recoil effect.

The set also comes with the ball diff grease, but the sliding damper's responsive rate can be adjusted using the Sliding Damper Grease Set or the HG Sliding Damper Grease Set.

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