Fujitsu Lite
Release Date May 2016
Parts type Battery
Battery Specfication
Type Nickel–metal hydride (Ni-HM)
Capacity 950mAh
Voltage 1.2v
Manufacturer(s) FDK Corporation (sudsidary company of Fujitsu)

The Fujitsu Lite batteries refers to the pink-colored, low-capacity rechargeable batteries that was released by Fujitsu outside of Japan in May 2016.

General info[edit | edit source]

Similar to NeoChamp, the Fujitsu Lite is a rebadged Eneloop lite in pink packaging with Fujitsu branding.

Due to being sourced from FDK Corporation, its performance is similar to that of the NeoChamp and Eneloop lite batteries. While it has less battery capacity than the standard capacity Fujitsu Standard battery, its lightweightness makes the Mini 4WD cars lighter.

It is also more environmentally friendly than nickel-cadmium batteries, and has a lower self-discharge capacity. While it has the 'memory effect' problem, it is often temporary and is reversible through charge cycling.

Because of the similarity, the Fujitsu Lite battery is usually used as a substitute to NeoChamp outside of Tamiya's official race events, but there are few exceptions as well.

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