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Fujitsu Premium
No. LR6(2B)FP (2-battery blister oversea)
LR6(4B)FP (4-battery blister oversea)
LR6FP(2S) (2-battery sealing Japan)
LR6FP(4S) (4-battery sealing Japan)
LR6FP(2B) (2-battery blister Japan)
LR6FP(4B) (4-battery blister Japan)
LR6FP(8S) (8-battery sealing Japan)
LR6FP(12S) (12-battery sealing Japan)
LR6FP(20S) (20-battery sealing Japan)
Release Date June 2014
Parts type Battery February 26, 2011
Battery Specfication
Type Alkaline
Capacity N/A
Voltage 1.5v
Manufacturer(s) FDK Corporation (Subsidary company of Fujitsu)
The Fujitsu Premium (Japanese: 富士通 プレミアム, Fujitsū Puremiamu) is the alkaline battery manufactured by FDK Corporation and released by its parent company Fujitsu in June 2014.

It was the successor to the company's Premium G battery. It was introduced along with Fujitsu's High Power and Long Life alkaline batteries.

It is one of the Fujitsu-branded batteries that can be used in non-Tamiya-organized tournaments as well as Tamiya-organized Japan Cup.

General info

Being the successor to the Premium G battery, Fujitsu has further improves the overall battery performance of the new Premium battery, with the stamina and discharge-rate being increased.

The Premium battery now has the anode material and nylon gasket in additions of triple-layered cathode can to prevent leakage of the battery. It is the only alkaline battery that has the anti-bacterial label. The battery has 10-years of shell life, the same as the Premium G battery.

Where Fujitsu's High Power and Long Life batteries were designed to have high discharge-rate and high stamina respectively, the Premium battery surpasses both batteries in stamina and discharge-rate.

Overall, it is powerful than the FDK-sourced and Tamiya-branded PowerChamp GT battery.

As it is a Alkaline battery, it is heavier than NeoChamp battery and is not cost effective due to being a non-rechargeable battery.

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