Fujitsu Premium
No. LR6(2B)FP (2-battery blister oversea)
LR6(4B)FP (4-battery blister oversea)
LR6FP(2S) (2-battery sealing Japan)
LR6FP(4S) (4-battery sealing Japan)
LR6FP(2B) (2-battery blister Japan)
LR6FP(4B) (4-battery blister Japan)
LR6FP(8S) (8-battery sealing Japan)
LR6FP(12S) (12-battery sealing Japan)
LR6FP(20S) (20-battery sealing Japan)
Release Date June 2014
Parts type Battery
Battery Specfication
Type Alkaline
Capacity N/A
Voltage 1.5v
Manufacturer(s) FDK Corporation (Subsidary company of Fujitsu)

The Fujitsu Premium (富士通 プレミアム) is the alkaline battery manufactured by FDK Corporation and released by its parent company Fujitsu in June 2014.

It was the successor to the company's Premium G battery. It was introduced along with Fujitsu's High Power and Long Life alkaline batteries.

It is one of the Fujitsu-branded batteries that can be used in non-Tamiya-organized tournaments as well as Tamiya-organized Japan Cup.

General info

Being the successor to the Premium G battery, Fujitsu has further improves the overall battery performance of the new Premium battery, with the stamina and discharge-rate being increased.

The Premium battery now has the anode material and nylon gasket in additions of triple-layered cathode can to prevent leakage of the battery. It is the only alkaline battery that has the anti-bacterial label. The battery has 10-years of shell life, the same as the Premium G battery.

Where Fujitsu's High Power and Long Life batteries were designed to have high discharge-rate and high stamina respectively, the Premium battery surpasses both batteries in stamina and discharge-rate.

Overall, it is powerful than the FDK-sourced and Tamiya-branded PowerChamp GT battery.

As it is a Alkaline battery, it is heavier than NeoChamp battery and is not cost effective due to being a non-rechargeable battery. However, in an unlikely event a competitor wants to use a TR-1 Chassis car in an Tamiya organized races, this battery must be used, as official regulations require TR-1 Chassis cars to use alkaline batteries instead of rechargeable ones.

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