GP System
No. Unknown
Release Date July 2001
Parts type Lap-detection system

The GP System (Japanese: GPシステム, Jīpī Shisutemu) is a series of lap-detection systems released by Tamiya in July 2001.

They were designed for both the Dangun Racers and the Mini 4WD cars.

General info Edit

The original GP System full set, which was originally designed for Dangun Racer, includes a receiver, the antenna components, an AC adapter, a pair of noise filter, a mini CD contains the lap-detection software and a set of Dangun Racer GP Chips (5 pairs of the GP Chips at different bands). For Mini 4WD car use, separate GP Chips for Mini 4WD car are required.

As the cars contains the GP Chip pass through either an antenna (loop type for Dangun Racers, straight antenna cable type for Mini 4WD cars), the system will detect it via the GP Chips in the cars and sends the data to a connected PC.

Although innovative, there are three major problems with this system. The cost of the both the GP System full set and the GP Chip set for Mini 4WD car (which was about 165,000 yens in total), and it also requires a PC (running Windows 2000 or older, as the software was designed for it). Because of these problems, the GP System and the GP Chip sets were later discontinued.

To commemorate the GP System, several GPA versions of the Mini 4WD cars were released: Beat-Magnum, Liberty Emperor, Diospada, Desert-Golem, Big Bang Ghost, and Boomerang-10.

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