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The Gold Plated Terminal Set (Japanese: ゴールドメッキターミナル, Gōrudo Mekki Tāminaru) is a series of Grade-up Parts released by Tamiya since June 29, 1989.

General info

The gold terminal sets features the terminal parts that were gold-plated. The gold-plated surfaces prevents the oxidation of the terminal parts.

In eariler chassis (specifically those that has the A-type, B-type, C-type, Wild-type and Zero-type normal terminals), the use of brass as the motor terminal parts' material reduces the power efficiency of a Mini 4WD cars. Using the gold plated terminal sets on those chassis will improves the power efficiency.

The use of gold plated terminal sets on later chassis has a minor negative effect on Mini 4WD car's performance, as those chassis's normal motor terminal parts were made of copper (The same as the switch terminal parts). Although copper has lower electrical resistivity than gold, it is susceptible to corrosion.

Each sets were designed for specific chassis(s) as follows:




  • Some of the gold plated terminal sets shares certains motor/switch terminal parts from other sets as follows:
    • The C-type set has A-type's motor terminal parts and B-type's switch terminal parts.
    • The TR-1 set has the original motor terminal parts and X-type's switch terminal parts.
    • The Super-II-type has X-type's motor terminal parts and B-type's switch terminal parts.

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