Great Dash Circuit
No. N/A
Type 5-lane race tournament-use
Length 52m
Direction Counter-clockwise
Release N/A
The Great Dash Circuit (Japanese: グレートダッシュサーキット, Urutora Gurēto Dasshu Sākitto) is a Mini 4WD circuit built by Tamiya for the 1988 season of Tamiya Japan Cup.

General info Edit

The first 5-lane circuit to be built, it was used for the preliminary rounds of every Japan Cup stages held in 1988.

After the start/goal line, the will pass through a straight and a left curve, before entering a jump section and then a left curve. After that, the car passes through a straight, a right curve and a left U-turn before entering the lane-changer section. After passing through a straight and a left curve, the start/goal line will be crossed.

It is much smaller compare to the much larger Ultra Great Dash Circuit that was used in the final rounds of the Japan Cup races. However, such small layout created a unique challenge for cars nowadays; Because Mini 4WD cars of today are much faster than the cars of the past, they will have a greater risk of getting course out on the left curve right after the jump section.

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