Hyper Dash! Yonkuro
Gerne Action, Comedy
Written by Hiroyuki Takei
Zaurus Tokuda (Original Story)
Published by Shogakukan
Magazine CoroCoro Aniki
Original run 2015-Ongoing
Volumes Ongoing

Hyper Dash! Yonkuro (ハイパーダッシュ!! 四駆郎) is a manga series created by Hiroyuki Takei and published on Shogakukan's CoroCoro Aniki magazine alongside Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go! Return Racers!. It is the sequel to the original Dash! Yonkuro manga by the late Zaurus Tokuda.

It follows the story of the reunited Dash Warriors as they races against Dark Dominion, a terrorist group that utilizes Mini 4WD cars as weapons.

List of Mini 4WD cars in this series


  • Chapter 3 featuring the appearance of the Dragon series Mini 4WD cars, which is otherwise impossible due to them being based on the R/C buggies that were featured in another CoroCoro comic manga Radicon Boy by Kaoru Ohbayashi.

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