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The Hyper Dash Circuit 2015 (Japanese: ハイパーダッシュサーキット2015, Haipā Dasshu Sākitto 2015) is a Mini 4WD circuit built by Tamiya for the 2015 season of Tamiya Japan Cup.

General info

Compare to the Super Glide Circuit, the Hyper Dash Circuit has more technical sections.

Following the two straight line parts after the starting line is the Proud Mountain section, followed by the tilt-placed Glide Bank 45 section. The Proud Mountain is a large, jump slope section, while the Glide Bank is a 45-degree bank corner section. Landing stability is the key for these sections as the Mini 4WD cars could course out if it didn't landed properly.

After a reverse S-corner, two straight lines and a left U-turn is the combination of an upper slope, a reverse S-corner and a down slope. Again, stability is the key point as the cars could course out on the corner following after upper slope or down slope.

Following the left U-turn is the Shooting Wash Board section. There, multiple wash boards were placed on the fences and the lanes and they could slowing down the Mini 4WD cars.

After a S-corner is the Mobius Changer, a specially designed lane-changer with the last lane being in the mobius symbol like shaped. This put the Mini 4WD car in the last lane at disadvantage due to the last lane's travel length.

Following the lane-changer is the Digital Bank Corner 30 section. This corner slowing down the cars due to its linear corner shape. This can be countered by using the slide damper parts. After the left corner is the Mohican Staight section, which has the thin board on the center of the road surfaces on two of the five lanes. This can be a problem for cars with low ground clearance as it could slow down and even stops the car.

After the right corner, the finish line will be crossed.


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