Hyper Mini Motor
No. 15001
Release Date 1987
Parts type Motor
Motor Specfication
Rev Non-load: 14,600rpm/15,000rpm (Re-release)
Load: 12,800rpm/13,000rpm (Re-release)
Torque 14g-cm/13 to 18g-cm (Re-release)
Electric consumption 1,100mA/1,400 to 1,800mA
Weight 17g
Manufacturer(s) Mabuchi Motors
The Hyper Mini Motor (Japanese: ハイパーミニモーター, Haipā Mini Mōtā) is a Mini 4WD motor manufactured by Mabuchi Motor and released by Tamiya in 1987. It is the very first Grade-Up Parts to be released and is the first tuned-up motor to be released.

General InfoEdit

On the outside, the Hyper Mini Motor has a black endbell cap and silver metal housing, complete with the Tamiya motor sticker.

The motor's rev performance is between that of Atomic-Tuned Motor and Rev-Tuned Motor. (While the torque characteristics is similar to that of Torque-Tuned Motor) However, the re-release version of the motor (released in 2012) was very power-hungry that some even have compared it to the Hyper-Dash Motor.

It is manufactured by Mabuchi Motor who manufactures most of Tamiya's motors.

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