The logo of the 2018 Japan Cup season.

The Mini 4WD Japan Cup (Japanese: ミニ四駆 ジャパンカップ, Mini Yonku Japan Kappu) is a annual, national Mini 4WD race tournament by Tamiya that takes places in Japan.

Tamiya holds the Japan Cup around June to October each years. (formerly July to August prior to hiatus after Japan Cup 1999) The main sponsors for Japan Cup beside Tamiya are Fujitsu and Shogakukan.

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Instead of the 3-lane circuits, the Japan Cup, much like Grand Prix Spring, Autumn Cup and Mini 4WD Grand Prix, uses the 5-lane circuits that allows up to 5 racers at once.

Tamiya had once put the Japan Cup into hiatus following the conclusion of the Japan Cup 1999, but revived it in 2012 with the Japan Cup 2012 season.

Starting with the 2016 season, participants who are over 18 years-old and are attending the Open Class will require to fill-in the electronic entry application form through either on Tamiya official website[1] (For both in Japan and oversea.) or through Tamiya Passport app (for those in Japan only), prior to entering the race events.

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  • Since Japan Cup 1990 season, Fujitsu become one the main sponsors for Japan Cup tournament. As such, Certain alkaline batteries made by Fujitsu can be used in Japan Cup since then.
  • All the circuits, with the exceptions of the ones from 1988 to 1989 seasons, 1991 to 1993 seasons, 1997 season, 2013 to 2014 seasons, 2016 season and 2018 season of the Japan Cup, were named either after the cover cars' names or certain naming from the fictional works the cover cars were featured from, (i.e. Horizon Circuit is named after Dash-0 Horizon)

References Edit

  1. Upcoming Mini 4WD Event Page on Tamiya official website
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