Mini 4WD Japan Cup Junior Circuit





No. 69506 (Set)
69507 (Straight parts)
69508 (Curve parts)
69509 (Wave parts)
69510 (Lane-change parts)
94700 (Orange set)
94701 (Yellow Set)
94892 (Tricolor set)
Type 3-lane home use
Length 20 m
Direction Both direction
Release 80's
June 27, 2009 (Orange set/Yellow set)
July 21, 2012 (Tricolor set)

The Mini 4WD Japan Cup Junior Circuit (Japanese: ミニ四駆 ジャパンカップ ジュニアサーキット, Mini Yonku Japan Kappu Junia Sākitto) is a Mini 4WD circuit released by Tamiya in the 80's. It is a 3-lane oval circuit for both home use and tournament use.

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The 3-lane oval circuit set was consist of 8 curve parts, 2 straight parts, 1 wave parts, 2 bridge approach parts, one over bridge parts and one under bridge parts. Formerly, those parts were also available as standalone set.

Should the owner have 2 or more of the same circuit set and/or the slope section set and the bank approach 20 set, they can makes various circuit layouts, from speed layouts to technical layouts.

Although not directly compatible, the 3-lane circuit parts can be used with 2-lane circuit parts when given modifications.

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