Japan Cup Junior Circuit Bank Approach 20
No. 69568 (Green)
69571 (Red)
Type 3-lane home use (expansion)
Length N/A
Direction Both direction
Release 2008 (Green)
September 15, 2012 (Red)

The Japan Cup Junior Circuit Bank Approach 20 (Japanese: ジャパンカップ ジュニアサーキット バンクアプローチ20, Japan Kappu Junia Sākitto Banku Apurōchi 20) is a expansion set for the Japan Cup Junior Circuit released by Tamiya in 2008.

General info[edit | edit source]

As its name implies, it is a expansion set that allows user to creates the bank section(s) of the circuit when combined with the 3-lane oval circuit set.

The set includes a pair of bank approach parts, 3 holding poles, 1 bank corner holder and the few circuit attachment clips.

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