Jet-Dash Motor
No. 15159
Release Date 1996
Parts type Motor
Motor Specfication
Rev 28,000rpm (Non-load)
23,000rpm (Load)
Torque 22g-cm
Electric consumption 4,000mA
Weight 17.5g
Manufacturer(s) JOHNSON Motor
Mabuchi Motor
The Jet-Dash Motor (ジェットダッシュモーター) is a Mini 4WD motor manufactured by JOHNSON Motor and later Mabuchi Motor and released by Tamiya in 1996.

General info

The Jet-Dash Motor has the black endbell cap and silver-plated metal housing with the Tamiya label on it.

Compare to the Ultra Dash Motor, the Jet-Dash Motor has higher torque performance while having the similar revving characteristic and power comsumption. Like Ultra-Dash, it also use carbon brushes instead of bronze brushes.

Since it is manufactured by JOHNSON Motor, the Jet-Dash Motor was discontinued and was banned from Tamiya official race tournaments along with Ultra Dash Motor and Plasma-Dash Motor due to their over-powerful performance.

However, some Tamiya-made electric-powered hobby tools manufactured prior to 2007, such as the compact electric driller and electric reeler, includes the Jet-Dash Motor as part of the tools' component. Unlike the standalone product, they were manufactured by Mabuchi Motor.

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