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The Large Diameter Low-Profile Tires and 6-Spoke Wheel Set (Japanese: 大径ローハイトタイヤ&6本スポークホイール, Daikei Rōhaito Yaiya to Roku-pon Supōku Hoīru) is a Mini 4WD Grade-up Parts released by Tamiya, first released in April 2017 in oversea regions and released on June 17 in Japan.

General info

The wheel set was designed by Takayuki Yamazaki of the pdc_designworks, being designed for the DCR-01 Mini 4WD car (Which is also designed by Yamazaki). The overall dimensions of the wheel and tire design are the same as the normal low-profile tires and wheel sets.

The wheels has the futuristic, 6-spoke design that has 3 main spokes and 3 sub-spokes to supports the wheel rims, and the rims are designed to be extremely thin, thus the wheels are lighter than its dish-styled counterparts.

Much like the low-profile dish wheel sets, the inner side of the wheels has the ring-like parts protrudes from the axis arm, reducing the frictions that causes by touching the bearings.

Regular set

The standalone regular set, unlike the set comes with DCR-01, comes with the wheels molded in white instead of gun metal. It also comes with the large diameter low profile tires molded in elastomer.

Carbon set

The limited carbon set comes with the wheels molded in carbon-mixed nylon and the white, hard-compound low profile tires.

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