"Impossible! How the legendary dragons got into this world!?"- Yonkuro Hinomaru
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Little White Dragon
No. N/A
Series N/A
Chassis(s) FM Chassis
Release Date N/A
In fictional media
First Appearance The Wind Racer! Otokogi Gaiden
Owner Hakurou Ohhinata
The Little White Dragon (小白龍シャオバイロン, Shaobairon) is a fictional Mini 4WD car that appear in the poster manga The Wind Racer! Otokogi Gaiden.

It was made and owns by Hakurou Ohhinata in the series. It was replaced by the Shao Bai Ron.

General info Edit

The Little White Dragon features the curve, open-wheel body design, with a large canopy and two rear fins. Air intakes can be found on the right side of the front nose and on the side cowls.

Its bodyshell was mainly in white.

In the manga Edit

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The Little White Dragon was Hakurou's own customize machine. As revealed by Baron Ghost, the machine has the clear PET bodyshell and the super lightweight (but fragile) chassis.

At the time when Jingi and Ryou meet him in the local hobby shop, Hakurou was still adjusting the machine, thus reject Jingi's challenge. This action leave Ryou furious and use her Poseidon-X to show him how fast their machines are.

Unfortunately, Ryou accidentally placed her car in the opposite direction of the race course, resulting in the head-to-head collision with Hakurou's car which shatters the white car to pieces. Just then, Baron Ghost shows up, revealing that he and Hakurou will have the race the next day as well as the machine's true nature. Seeing this, Jingi lend his Liberty Emperor and use it as a base for Hakurou's new machine: the Shao Bai Ron.

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