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The Vanessa's Lunch Box Junior (Japanese: ランチボックス Jr., Ranchi Bokkusu Junia) is a Wild Mini 4WD car released by Tamiya on December 17, 1987.

It was based on the Vanessa's Lunch Box 1/12 R/C truck released by Tamiya.

It was featured in the manga Dash! Yonkuro as one of Musashi's friends' machine.

General info

The Lunch Box features the yellow, minivan body design, with 5-row roof headlamps on the roof and the circle-type main headlamps on the front. The front faux-intakes was covered by the bullbar.

It has two-tone stripes of red/orange as well as the cartoonish minivan logos on the sides.

It was equipped with the standard wild-type wheels with monster truck tires.

About the 1/12 R/C monster truck Vanessa's Lunch Box


Tamiya RC Lunch Box (Filmed in 1987)

Thje Lunch Box promotional video.

Released on June 23, 1981, the Vanessa's Lunch Box is Tamiya's 1/12 scale, rear-wheel-drive R/C truck. It utilizes the CW-01 Chassis, modified from the Pajero Chassis which itself is the modified Grasshopper chassis.

Compare to the Pajero Chassis, the CW-01 Chassis has longer front swingarms, lower rear gearbox placement and long stroke friction dampers. The battery has now placed onto the center of the chassis. Just like the Pajero chassis, it was powered by the 540-size motor that is mounted into the rear gearbox. For Lunch Box, the chassis was equipped with the large monster truck wheels and tires.

The Lunch Box was later re-released on July 13, 2005, with the mechanical speed controller being replaced with the electronic speed controller.

Technical info

Variant Body Chassis Wheels Tires Motor Dimensions Gear


Color: Yellow
Material: PS

Type: Wild
Frame: Black, ABS
A parts: Black, ABS

Size: Extra Large
Type: Wild
Spoke: Hallow
Fitment: Squared
Color: Yellow
Material: Polypropylene

Size: Extra Large
Type: Wild
Color: Black
Material: Med. Elastomer


Length: 142
Width: 125
Height: 101


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