MA Chassis

The MA Chassis (Japanese: MAシャーシ, Emuē Shāshi) is a Mini 4WD Chassis released by Tamiya in June 2013. It was first released with Blast Arrow. The 'MA' stands for 'Midship Aero'.

General info

The MA Chassis is essentially a MS Chassis with many aero-dynamic designs of the AR Chassis. The chassis is now in one piece monocoque frame instead of 3-pieces module like the MS Chassis was. Like the AR Chassis, the secondary parts were molded in low-friction POM (Polyoxymethylene) plastic, eliminating the brass bearing eyelets. These improves the chassis' speed and acceleration performances.

Also borrowed from the AR Chassis is the rear skid bar, providing braking on the slopes section of the race course. Unlike AR Chassis, the underbody of the chassis were smooth as there's no parts (except the turn-type battery switch) under them, and there's also a air-duct for dissipate heat from the motor, which then expels through the battery switch's holes.

The side guards, which were absent from previous chassis since MS Chassis, has also returned, allowing users to install stability poles or mass dampers on them. The front bumper and rear roller stays has been extended, which results in smoother cornering and better stability.

Whereas the MS Chassis used the clip lock mechanism for the gear/motor cover parts (Which requires twisting the whole chassis to remove it.), the MA Chassis has the slide-lock mechanism for that parts, allowing easy maintenance. The gears and pinion gears were remains the same as MS Chassis.

Since most of the features are borrowed from AR Chassis, it is compatible with parts made for AR Chassis, with the exceptions of the motors, gears and terminal. However, despite the fact MS and MA are both midship motor chassis, many MS Chassis components (Mostly the MS Chassis units) are not compatible with MA Chassis.[1]

It performs much better than the MS Chassis in overall performance, and is better than the AR Chassis in terms of stability performance despite being the heaviest chassis to date.


Chassis frame

A parts

Chassis info

Chassis Data
Length 156 mm
Width 97 mm
Wheelbase 80 mm
Ground Clearance 4.8 mm (With large-diameter wheels)
2.2 mm (With low-profile small-diameter wheels)
Driveshaft Length 60 mm
Compatible Gear Set(s) 4:1
Roller Down Thrust Angle 5
Terminal Type MS-type
Weight With batteries:
125.9 g
Without batteries:
78 g
Chassis Stats
Toughness 4.5 MAChassisStats
Acceleration 4.5
Cornering 5
Stability 4.5
Adaptability 4.4
Ease of Maintenance 3.5



  • With the main frame's weight of 77.7g, it is the most heaviest chassis ever released.
  • As with MS Chassis, some large-diameter wheels are not compatible because of the chassis's midship layout.
    • In contrast to MS Chassis, the first MA Chassis car (Blast Arrow) was released with the low-profile small-diameter wheels, where the first MS Chassis car released (Nitro Thunder) was equipped with large-diameter wheels instead. The first stock MA Chassis car with large-diameter wheels would later released in the form of Shooting Proud Star.
  • With the exceptions of limited edition cars and Shooting Proud Star (and future Hyper Dash machines), all MA Chassis car's bodyshells were inspired by real-life sports cars and race cars.


  1. Mini 4WD MA Chassis Parts Compatibility Notice
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