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The Mach-Dash Motor (Japanese: マッハダッシュモーター, Mahha Dasshu Mōtā) are a series of Mini 4WD motors manufactures by Mabuchi Motor and later SMC Motor and released by Tamiya. Its single-shaft motor version is the third fastest motor released by Tamiya.

General Info

On the exterior, both versions has the red endbell cap and silver metal housing. Both motors are the speed-focused motors.

The single-shaft version of the motor is powerful than the Hyper-Dash Motor at the time it released, but because of that, the motor has shorter running life and very power-hungry as the results.

The double-shaft version is the more refined version of its single-shaft motor counterpart and behaves similar to that of Sprint Dash Motor, which explains why it can be use on official tournaments. It is also the only variant of Mach-Dash Motor that use silver carbon brushes.

Because both motors has moderate torque, they are not suitable for race tracks that has very high acceleration requirement.


  • Currently only the Mach-Dash Motor PRO, which was designed for the Mini 4WD PRO cars, can be used in Tamiya official race tournaments as well as unofficial tournaments that abides Tamiya's race rules.

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