Manta Ray Mk.II




No. Regular releases
Limited editions
94593 (Finished Model)
94665 (Black SP)
94709 (White SP)
95462 (White SP re-release)
95466 (Black SP re-release)
Series Mini 4WD PRO
Chassis(s) MS Chassis
Release Date Regular releases
December 9, 2006
Limited editions
March 24, 2007 (Finished Model)
2007 (Pink Metallic)
September 20, 2008 (Black SP)
November 28, 2009 (White SP)
2012 (Black Metallic)
2013 (Gold Metallic)
February 23, 2019 (White SP re-release)
March 2, 2019 (Black SP re-release)
In fictional media
First Appearance Kichijouji Phoenix (Web manga)
Mini 4WD Racer Kakeru (Shogaku Year)
Owner Tsugumi Shinozaki
The Manta Ray Mk.II (Japanese: マンタレイ Mk.II, Manta Rei Māku Tsū) is a Mini 4WD PRO car released by Tamiya on December 9, 2006. It was a Mini 4WD PRO variant of the Manta Ray Jr.

It was featured in web manga Kichijouji Phoenix and manga Mini 4WD Racer Kakeru as Tsugumi Shinozaki's machine, replacing her TRF-Racer Jr..

General info Edit

The Manta Ray Mk.II featuring the body design based on the original Manta Ray.

A pair of front fenders were protruded from the side cowls, covering the exposing batteries of the chassis. Instead of the R/C buggy-style rear spoiler, in its place is a pair of separated grill-type spoilers. Other design aspects of the original were changed to be more sharper.

It was mainly in silver, with red highlights and blue trims on it.

It was equipped with the red large-diameter, 3-spoke MS-type I wheels paired with the black Avante-type slick tires. It has N-02 and T-01 units for its MS Chassis, and comes with the standard, light gray 16 mm lightweight plastic rollers.

However, it should be noted that the pre-assembled Finished Model came equipped with the gray A parts and N-01 nose unit instead of the black A parts and the N-02 nose unit.

Color specials Edit

As of 2016, there are at least 6 known color specials: The Metallic Special, the Pink Metallic Special, the Black Special, the White Special, the Black Metallic Special and the Gold Metallic Special.

The Tamiya-organized race tournaments shop-exclusive Metallic Special models are usually has plated wheels and body. The setup is the same as the normal model.

The Black Special has black body with blue highlights. It was equipped with the black large-diameter 5-spoke lightweight narrow wheels paired with blue arched tires, and was equipped with the chassis molded in blue.

The White Special has pearl white body with the cherry blossom-inspired decals. It has the same wheel and tire setup as the Black Special, but with the silver-plated wheels and white tires. It came with the chassis molded in cyan with the lightweight center parts.

Technical info Edit

Length: 152 mm (N-02), 154 mm (N-01)

Width: 92 mm

Height: N/A

Chassis: MS Chassis

Gear Set(s): 4:1

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