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  • Hello DOT4blood.

    It comes to my attention that you unintentionally created a duplicated article by create the Super-Velocity Gear Set article. Since the Super Speed Gear Set article was already created, making an article for a AO set version of the same set is not nessesary. As such, I had deleted the duplicated article.

    Extenral link(s) to websites other than Tamiya official websites, Shogakukan websites, Bunko, Charatoru and Good Smile Company are not allowed here on the wiki's articles.

    Also, the Cobalt-Gunner article you created is poorly-written, thus I will do a clean-up later on.

    Because of the mess you made, I, as the founder and the only admin of Mini 4WD Wiki, has give you a warning. If you still making the same mistakes, expect the really, really bad consequence.

    The next time you are editing a article, make sure that you have follows the wiki's policies as shown here.



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    • Hello, Yuuyatails.

      I didn't expected that similar kits with different names should be placed together. This mess with names could confuse newcomer. Info in 'all-in-one' articles is less clear, than it could be in a group of separate ones.

      External links... err, my fault this time.

      But what to do with obsolete series like Mini F1 & their grade-ups? They were removed from official sites. Should I leave 'Links' section empty?

      Cobalt-Gunner article was a stub, actually. Forgot to mark it. I'll add more info, like height and stock gears, when I receive my model.

      I understand, that you're bored by cleaning work, but there's no such thing you can threaten me. Writing articles isn't my hobby. I wished to share some info, which I gathered, trying to find a way to obtain 3.5:1 gears for TR-1. Planned to add more info about f-1 and R/C line-ups, including real pics, but decided to not bother you by posting anymore.



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    • Hello DOT4blood

      To answer your questions:

      • Some of the parts {i.e. One-Way Wheel sets) are way too similar to each others and thus they were placed in the same article. I have updated the quality standard article just to clear this up, so you should check it out.
      • There's reasons why this policy section existed.
      • The external link header should be removed if this happen. Luckily, the Mini-F Finished Models are still on Tamiya official website as shown here.
      • Stub must be marked.
      • On most Fandom (formerly Wikia) wikis, users with admin rights for the wiki can suspend and/or ban the problem-causing users from their wikis. In other words, I or (if they exist) other admins can suspends and/or ban users for making bad edits and/or vandalizes the wiki. You aren't suspended or banned because you are new to this wiki, but don't expect the same from the admin if you keep making the same mistakes.

      What I'm saying is that I won't stop you from create and editing the articles, but you must follows the policy so you won't have any trouble. This is the same for other Fandom wikis.



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