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The Mighty Mini 4WD (Japanese: マイティミニ四駆, Maiti Mini Yonku) series is a line-up of Mini 4WD cars introduced by Tamiya in May 1998. It was, unfortunately, introduced during the declines of 2nd Mini 4WD boom.

Being a sister series to the Aero Mini 4WD series, the Mighty Mini 4WD cars were equipped with the large-diameter wheels, namely the newly-designed narrow parallel wheels and arched tires. In some ways, it can be seen as the Super Mini 4WD version of the Aero Mini 4WD series.

The manga series New Generation Racer Mini 4 Kids and Future Racer V-Twin featuring cars from this line-up.

List of Mini 4WD cars[edit | edit source]

  • Dyna-Hawk GX (Normal, Super XX Special, Black Special) (Super X Chassis, Super XX Chassis) (Released in May 1998)
  • Cross-Tiger VR (Normal, Limited Edition, Sea Blue Version) (Super X Chassis, Super XX Chassis) (Released in August 1998)
  • Laser-Gill (Normal, Super XX Special) (Super X Chassis, Super XX Chassis) (Released in December 1998)
  • Variatron (VS Chassis) (Released in July 1999)
  • Synchro-Master Z9 (VS Chassis) (Released in December 1999)
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