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The Mini-F (Japanese: ミニF, Mini Efu) is a series of mini racing cars introduced by Tamiya in December, 1991. It was introduced during the Formula One racing boom in the same year.

Whereas the Original Mini 4WD cars and Racing Mini 4WD cars were based on real-life vehicles and R/C buggies respectively, the Mini-F cars were based on licensed Formula One cars from the 1991 and 1992 seasons. Unlike Mini 4WD cars, they have a rear-wheel-drive drivetrain rather than four-wheel-drive. Exclusive to this line-up is the Mini-F Chassis,

The series was discontinued 3 years after its introduction. Tamiya would later release limited edition, decal-less (due to licensing issues) Mini-F Finished Models in 2006.

List of Mini-F cars[edit | edit source]

1991 season[edit | edit source]

1992 season[edit | edit source]

Limited Edition Finished Models[edit | edit source]

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