Mini 4WD DS
Developer(s) Delta-Arts
Publisher(s) Rocket Company
Release date(s) December 17th, 2009
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Genre(s) Simulation
Rating(s) A (CERO)

Mini 4WD DS (Japanese: ミニ四駆DS, Mini Yonku DS) is a Mini 4WD simulation video game developed by Delta-Arts and published by Rocket Company. It was released for the Nintendo DS platform.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Being a Mini 4WD simulation game, building a Mini 4WD car in the game is similar to building a Mini 4WD car in real-life. The customizing and racing part is also similar.

What set this game aparts from the real-life Mini 4WD racing is that the 5-lane circuits were modified into 4-lane circutis in the game. Another difference is that once a parts (be it a chassis, a motor, or a MS nose/tail unit) is modified, it cannot be modified again. As with real-life, most chassis parts for the shaft-driven Mini 4WD cars and Mini 4WD PRO cars are not compatible with each others.

The game supports wireless ad-hoc multiplayer up to 4 players.

Story[edit | edit source]

One day, our protagonist and Houko(if the protagonist is male)/Hirashima(if the protagonist is female) were taking two young kids, Matsu and Sakura, onto the street.

While walking on the street, Matsu show off his new item, an Avante Jr. and released it onto the street road. The minicar runs very fast, until Sakura mention that who's going to stop the minicar! Matsu was then chasing his minicar, but as he chasing it, he didn't notice that he is walking onto the traffic road and didn't see a truck coming towards him! Fortunately, the protagonist was able pull Matsu out of danger just in time, but the Avante Jr. got run over by the truck.

One of the truck's passengers is revealed to be MC Guts, the main commentator of the Mini 4WD racing. He thank the protagonist for saving the kid (Matsu) from a terrible accident, while scolding Matsu for using the Mini 4WD car on the street road. MC Guts then gives the Avantes to the protagonist and his/her friends. MC Guts told them that a Mini 4WD race event will be held on Big Messe, so the protagonist and his/her friends decided to enter the race.

And so the beginning of the story of Mini 4WD racing...

Characters[edit | edit source]

List of Mini 4WD cars in the game[edit | edit source]

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