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The Mini 4WD Ni-Cd Battery (Japanese: ミニ四駆 ニカドバッテリー, Mini Yonku Nikado Batterī) is the rechargeable battery manufactured by Sanyo (A subsidary company of Panasonic) and released by Tamiya in 1988. Based on Sanyo and later Panasonic's Cadnica battery, it is the very first rechageable battery made specifically for Mini 4WD racing.

The battery was available in 2 battery pack, the bundle with the Ni-Cd Battery Charger and the bundle with the Ni-Cd AC Fast Charger Set (40 min. type).

General info

The external of the battery was mostly in yellow with 4WD racer and Tamiya labels on it. later revision of the same battery has the green recycle label on the lower part of the battery.

It has higher output compare to the regular, non-rechargeable batteries, and its power delivery is very consistent. Since it is the rechargeable battery, it can be recharged with the specialized charger(s).

However, like other nickel-cadmium batteries (regardless of what brands is), it has high self-discharge rate and is not environment-friendly due to the cadmium content the battery contains. Memory effect is also likely to occurs on this type of rechargeable battery and is permanent compare to the nickel–metal hydride battery like the NeoChamp battery.

It was superseded by the Mini 4WD Ni-Cd 1000 battery, the larger capacity version of the battery.

Ni-Cd AC Fast Charger Set (40 min. type)

This Ni-Cd AC Fast Charger Set, which included in one of the Mini 4WD Ni-Cd battery sets, was designed to recharge a pair of Mini 4WD Ni-Cd batteries (or a pair of Ni-Cd Battery) in approximately 40 minutes. There's a light indicator in between the battery slots for showing the charging status, letting user know when the batteries are fully-charged.

Due to its fast charging capability, it potentially put stress on the batteries and having a risk of over-charging, which potentially shorten the batteries' life.

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