Mini 4WD Starter Pack AR Speed Spec
No. 95210 (Limited release)
18706 (Regular release)
Series Mini 4WD REV
Chassis(s) AR Chassis
Release Date July 18, 2015 (Limited release)
February 18, 2017 (Regular release)
The Mini 4WD Starter Pack AR Speed Spec (Japanese: ミニ四駆スターターパック ARスピードタイプ, Mini Yonku Sutātā Pakku Ēāru Supīdo Taipu) is a Mini 4WD car bundle pack that was released by Tamiya on July 18, 2015.

Originally a limited edition model, it was later released as a regular model as of February 18, 2017.

General info Edit

The bundle includes the Aero Avante with black chassis frame, blue A parts and cyan wheels.

It also includes the FRP Wide Front Plate and Wide Rear Plate, the black super hard low-profile tires, the side mass damper set (sans the cylinder weight parts), the brake set molded in black, six stabilizer balls molded in blue, a pair of 30mm, 25mm and 5mm screws, eight 6.7mm aluminum spacers, six roller stoppers, six 2mm nuts, six washers, six spring washers and finally, the Rev-Tuned 2 Motor. Setting-wise, it was tuned for the speed-type race circuits.

With the exceptions of the base car, motor and the side mass dampers, this set shares most of the parts with the MA Power Spec and FM-A Balanced Spec.

As it is a starter pack, it also includes a plus screwdriver, a wrench and a rubber tube to make assembly of the kit easy for beginners.

Technical info Edit

Length: 157 mm

Width: 104 mm

Height: 46 mm

Chassis: AR Chassis

Gear Set(s): 3.5:1

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