Motor Cooling Shield




No. Regular releases
15340 (Silver)
Limited editions
94811 (Purple)
95264 (Blue)
95265 (Purple Mini 4WD Station)
Release Date Regular releases
July 10, 2004 (Silver)
Limited editions
July 9, 2011 (Purple)
December 26, 2015 (Blue)
March 5, 2016 (Purple Mini 4WD Station)
Parts type Motor heatsink

The Motor Cooling Shield (Japanese: モータークーリングシールド, Mōtā Kūringu Shīrudo) is a Mini 4WD Grade-up Parts released by Tamiya on July 10, 2004. It was introduced during the Dangun Racer era.

General info[edit | edit source]

As a Mini 4WD car's motor is running and is put under loads, some of the electricity that pass through the coils of the motor's core may left unused, thus results in heat loss and the heats spreads through the motor's other components such as the metal housing. For certain Mini 4WD motors, the increased heat generations may reduces their performance, functionality and, in the end, may results in the destruction of a motor.

That's where the motor cooling shield comes in. The aluminum-made cooling shield provide better heat dissipation by absorbs the heats from the motor's metal housing and then have the heats dissipated by the winds. The motor cooling shield can be installed onto the back of a motor.

Although it was original designed for the Dangun Racer EVO series, it was compatible with certain Mini 4WD chassis, namely the MS Chassis and Super-II Chassis. It can also be used in other chassis as long as the chassis and/or the cooling shield were given modifications.

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